ALDIS 1915 Sniper Scope for WW 1 Lee Enfield rifle SMLE


I have a British Army Aldis Sniper Scope from a WW1 Lee Enfield Sniper Rifle.

This was made in Birmingham England in 1915 and must be amongst the first of the SMLE sniper scopes made.

This is an an ultra rare item and would make a fine addition to any collection.

The rear section of the Scope is marked:

Aldis Brothers
No 66708.

Scope main tube is marked with the serial number of the original rifle it was attached to :

Rifle # 6467

Both scope rings are t and solidly attached (they do not come apart)
The rear s cope ring is marked:

J Purdey & Sons

* * *
Scope Specs:

- 10.5 inches long,

- 1" diameter tube.

- Weighs 1.5 pounds

Height knob (distance) adjuster works freely and correctly.

(Adjuster is marked 2 - 8 )
Cross hair is a Command Post type, and in very good condition. (see photo)

- The horizontal wire is fine

- I f you look closely at the vertical post, t seems to be a small fine strand separating just below the horizontal wire. This may be a bit of dust inside the scope ( but I am not about to pull it apart to find out).
This does not affect the sight picture at all and y ou can see it in the photo.

(Note that I had strife getting
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