ALECKOS FASSIANOS Greek artist,early Litho.print c.1960

Rare,early print by Aleckos Fassianos.
This is an original,early framed lithograph print by Aleckos Fassianos.It is un-dated but was given to my mother-in-law as a gift in the 1960's. The lithograph is titled 'H Anoixh"-Spring. The orig.wooden frame measures approx. 25 x 18 cms. & actual image measures 22 x 15 1/2 cms.
The frame & rear are sl.age-worn.The actual image is excellent.
As I don't know anything about art please read the mail below which I received today...Thanks Andy.
These fassianos lithos are actually prints and the signature/titles are printed on plate, not signed later by hand, this is why there are no numbers. The painter always placed his numbering quite clearly visible and not in corners etc..
So, these are actually early unsigned prints or signed-on-plate prints to be more accurate.
Alekos Fassianos
Αλέκος Φασσιανός Born 1935
Athens , Greece Occupation painter

Alekos Fassianos ( Greek : Αλέκος Φασιανός , born in 1935) is a renowned Greek painter. [1 ][ 2] [3 ]

Fassianos studied violin at the Athens Conservatory and painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts from 1956 to 1960 where he was taught from Yannis Moralis . He then went to Paris on a French State scholarship (1962–1964) where he attended lessons on lithography along with Clairin
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