Alesis Datadisk Midi Data storage unit

o MIDI data storage unit in good conditionincluding manual (pdf) This rack-mountable(1U)

o Alesis Datadisk uses a 3.5" Floppy disc system (dbl-sided/dbl-density) with 800KB memory capability per disc.

o Capable of up to 53 separate data files. With direct read and write to disc without a large RAM buffer, it is very speedy and works in real time.

o It's applications include any conceivable MIDI file use plus it can be used for SYS(tem)EX(clusive) files for synth, drum machines and other applications.

o it is easy to use with front button functions such as scroll, name, send, recieve, delete, MIDI, backup and format.

o Back panel has MIDI in & out jacks and AC input.

o The heavy-duty 4 pin Alesis ac adaptor is included