Alesis Microverb 3 16 bit Digital Reverb and Delay Excellent Working Condition

Alesis Microverb 3 16 bit Digital Reverb and Delay
Excellent Working Condition

Born from the original Alesis MICROVERB and MICROVERB II, the units that launched the revolution
in low cost professional digital reverberation, the MICROVERB III carries on this same tradition of
world class performance at a phenomenal price. Using 16 bit linear PCM processing like its
predecessors, MICROVERB III has 256 programs. These include 144 reverb programs, 96 delay
programs, and 16 special effects programs as well as High and Low Frequency Equalization,
MICROVERB III delivers awesome power to the recording efforts of every engineer, from 4 track home
studios to world class recording facilities. And, of course, MICROVERB III is full stereo, full 15KHz
bandwidth, and absolutely musical.

As with the original MICROVERBs, the MICROVERB III utilizes proprietary Alesis R.I.S.C. (Reduced
Instruction Set Computer) architecture which provides clean, quiet, professional digital reverberation,
delay, and effects with unprecedented ease of use. The entire digital processing system is contained
on a single chip, developed by the Alesis design team specifically for the MICROVERB III. Using high
speed complementary-metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) silicon processing, the MICROVERB III

The 256 programs in MICROVERB III are the distillation of years of exhaustive research by Alesis into
the phenomenon of reverberation. With input from the world’s top recording engineers and producers,
the reverb programs were carefully developed on our interactive room simulation and development
system. These programs cover every major category of reverb: plates, chambers, halls, and rooms,
each with a wide range of sizes and qualities. Included also are a number of special effect programs
such as gated and reverse reverbs, as well as a wide variety of ever-useful delay programs. From
small, intimate room settings to large unobstructed spaces to useful gated reverb effects to dramatic
special effects, MICROVERB III offers them all quickly and easily.

• Extremely easy to set up and use
• True 16 bit linear PCM
• 85 dB dynamic range
• Full 15kHz bandwidth
• Stereo input and output on 1/4” jacks
• Defeat jack on rear panel
• +4 dBV capable
• 256 programs
• 19” rack mountable

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