Alex Rodriguez Rookie 1995 Ex Starting Lineup BV - $90

Alex Rodriguez Rookie Extended Series Starting Lineup - Book Value - $90. Comes in Starting Lineup protective case.

Off to a great start Alex is batting .381, with 4 Homeruns and 11 RBI's. Alex will go over 500 home runs shortly. He is an All Star and two-time MVP. He is still only 31 years old, and has a good shot at being the all time home run hitter. He is a lifetime .305 hitter, 464 home runs, 2067 hits, and is a two time Gold Glove winner. If he plays 10 more years he will be over 800 home runs, and 3000 hits for his career! Beautiful figurine and card - get them now! As always, thank you for taking the time to look.