Stunning "Alexandra" Custom American Girl Doll ~OOAK Doll by Beautifully Custom

Beautifully Custom One-of-a-Kind American Girl Doll

"Alexandra" is a stunning doll who loves fashion and all things pink!

Alexandra is customized from a brand new Truly Me doll with the "Ivy" Asian face mold and eye markings. She has beautiful brown eyes and a gorgeous new Berry Swirl wig (a Beautifully Custom Exclusive). Her hair is a light blonde with violet purple-to-pink ombre highlights. She has light painted freckles and tinted lip gloss. She has pierced ears with real people earrings and an official Beautifully Custom artist mark (can be easily removed with nail polish remover if desired). She comes with pink sparkly earrings and a brand new American Girl Fashion Show outfit.

Please feel free to message with any questions and be sure to check out my other American Girl Doll listings!
I am a doll artist and owner of Beautifully Custom exclusive doll wigs. I have customized literally hundreds of American Girl dolls with different wigs, eyes and painted features. This doll was modified out of my own desire to create something unique and beautiful.
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