Alfred Dunhill AD 2000 Carbon Fibre Pen

Arguably rated as the ultimate of modern fountain pens. This AD 2000 by Alfred Dunhill is made of carbon fibre, a light non corrosive strong as steel material substance used mainly in supersonic aircraft and high performance racing cars. The retractable clip feature was designed to prevent the pen from being returned back to the owners pocket with the tip exposed, activated by twist rotating the top end of the cap. The pen distinctive features and perfect writing balance with its overall bullet shaped design are of the 007 James Bond calibre, suggests Alfred Dunhill. The nib is a superb 18 carat 750 large two tone white gold medium size. A magnificent fountain pen housed in its presentation case with owners care booklet etc. A brand new pen

AD 2000 Carbon Fibre
The Dunhill quality and the colors of tradition make this instrument an elegant fixture for your writing desk or the ideal accessory to pull from your pocket when signing that all-important document. For making those crucial impressions, write with a memorable name.

This Pen sells NEW for way over $600.00 don't let this one get away. For looks, style and writing it's a must have for the Bussniss Man or Women of todays world.