Alfred Hitchcock reads 10 promotional spots for his 1959 movie, "North By Northwest" This is a 33 1/3 rpm 10 " metal, one-sided acetate from 1959. Disc was apparently recorded for use on the Bill Gordon radio show. Bill "Smoochie" Gordon was a long time radio and TV favorite in the Cleveland/Northern Ohio era. All of the Hitchcock read spots have a macabre tone to them and several of them reference Gordon outright. One example: "Willie Gordon took an axe and gave his listeners 40 whacks.

When he saw what he had done, he found he'd lost them, one by one.

They all went to see my new picture, "North Ny Northwest", instead."

Disc has a slight bend in the metal. but tracks well at 2 grams. There are marks and scuffing and the acetate plays with crackling, staticy surface noise, much like an early, grainy 78 rpm. This was cut on an Audiodisc recording blank and plays inside to outside. A flawed. but probably one-of-a-kind (considering the specific source and intended use). Alfred Hitchcock item.

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