Ali Bongo's Kid Coin Routine, Vintage Magic Inc.

Ali Bongo's The Fun Act With Kids And Coins

Two differently colored handkerchiefs are formed into "bags" with the aid of wooden rods, which are attached to the corners of the handkerchiefs. These "bags" are given to two volunteer assistants to hold, one on each side of the stage.

Six gold coins are carefully counted on to a small thin tray, then tipped into one of the bags. Six more coins are counted on to the tray, and they go into the other bag.

The performer now makes the three coins pass "invisibly" one by one, from the first bag to the second. The coins are removed from the first bag and found to be three in number, while the second bag yields nine coins.

Lots of bits of business are included in the six pages of instructions.

Easy to do, packs small, plays big!

Bonus: I am including a zipper carrying bag and two velvet draw string bags to use in the routine.