ALICE A. BAILEY Lot of 24 NEW Metaphysical, Esoteric, Occult NEW AGE Seven Rays


Lot of 24 Books - 23 Hardcover, 1 Softcover

by Alice A. Bailey

Published by Lucis Publishing Co. (Probably 1960s - Shrinkwrapped)

Book Description: A lot of 24 books by Alice A. Bailey. Books are about Metaphysical, Esoteric, Occult, New Age. The titles include:

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire Telepathy From Intellect to Intuition Discipleship in the New Age - Vol 1 Discipleship in the New Age - Vol 2 From Bethlehem to Calvary The Unfinished Autobiography A Treatise on White Magic The Destiny of the Nations Education in the New Age The Light of the Soul The Reappearance of the Christ Glamour - A World Problem Initiation Human and Solar Letters on Occult Meditation The Soul and Its Mechanism - Very Good condition, not in shrinkwrap like the others - Copyright 1965 The Consciousness of the Atom The Externalization of the Hierarchy Esoteric Psychology - Vol 1 of Seven Rays Esoteric Psychology - Vol 2 of Seven Rays Esoteric Astrology - Vol 3 of Seven Rays Esoteric Healing - Vol 4 of Seven Rays The Rays and the Initiations - Vol 5 of Seven Rays Master Index of the Books of Alice A. Bailey

Book Condition: Brand New. Lot or 23 Hardcovers and one Softcover. 22 are NEW In Factory Shrinkwrap. One hardcover is Very Good - clean and solid. The Paperback is Like New - bright and clean.

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