Alien nation “head” latex movie prop screen used Jeff Marcus

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Alien nation “head” latex movie prop screen used Jeff Marcus This is the actual head prop used for Jeff Marcus Albert Einstein, the janitor in the TV show Alien Nation. The head appliance is in excellent condition and is made of a light foam. It is not fragile at all and comes with a COA by "Star Wares on Main". We are open Mon-Fri for shipping and to get tracking info (Closed every Sat or Sun for shipping). Tracking information it automatically uploaded to ebay once the label is generated. You should receive notification, but feel free to check your“My Ebay” for tracking.
We take pride in packing all the orders we receive carefully. We know what its like to be frustrated when someone on ebay just takes the comic you won and just shoves it into a flimsy envelope or box. THIS IS NOT WHAT WE DO....All orders, no matter what the price of the item, gets boutique professional packing treatment. All comics are shipped cocooned inside plenty of wraps of bubble wrap within a box we specially order that is larger than the item needs in order to provide plenty of cushion for bumps along transit from our office to your hands. Furthermore, all orders ship out within 48 hours max on weekdays. (We are closed weekends for shipping but our customer service dept is open). Our shipping protocol is detailed
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