almost impossible to capture. I believe this is an early fumed marble. had to put on dark background for the camera to grab the details. it changes some of its color and how it looks as you turn it. its just flat out cool! Measures 25/32". it is unsigned. this is an estate consignment so I know it was bought at least 8 years ago.

everything will now be sent priority or the very least, insured. sorry gang, I cannot absorb the losses that I am held responsible for, even tho I am not the post office. I will always combine shipping within a three day time frame. If the marble sells for less than 20.00 I can send first class no insurance. this is the only exception.

wait for invoicing please!!

I can only run a 'tab' for 3 days. thanks :-) Payment with in 48 hours please.

The important stuff.... I can offer other methods of payments . just email me! I do accept returns, however, item must be returned in unopened original envelope. My grading is listed below the pictures on this page, and on my "me" page. please read .

You are bidding on 1 marble. (Please excuse any light reflections or finger prints!) Don't forget to check out our 'Me" page for more info!!and zaboo2smarbles for more great marbles and deals!

If for any reason you are not happy with your marble, just email me! :-)

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