New Alien Pops Blow Mold Display 20pc UFO Files ET Martians Bendy Figures More!

Awesome ALIEN POPS Candy Retail Store Display Head and Alien Collection!
This Blow Mold UFO Alien Pops Display was not readily available to the general public. They were used on store counter tops for the promotion of Alien Head shaped suckers. This one however was rescued before it sat as a display! Never used! Excellent condition and measures 13" Tall with Alien Pops sign and 9" wide. S ign and lid are removable . The lid basically sits flush so it easily comes off. Cool piece from the 1990's!
20 Piece Alien Collection...
1 UFO Files Bendy Light Purple Alien with glow in the dark eyes. 5 1/2" tall. Toy Concepts...1995
3 Alien Wiggly Finger Puppets
6 Alien Glow in the Dark Figures some Fighters with guns. 2 1/2" Tall. 1990's
1 Alien female popping out of a UFO Space Ship Keychain. 2" Tall
3 Alien Erasures
2 Alien Pencils. One says, "You're out of this world" and has an alien near the top and a spaceship near the bottom. The other pencil has a creepy Alien near a farm house.
1 Large styrofoam Alien head...hole on bottom for pencil, car antenna, stick etc. 3" Tall. A couple of small marks.
1 Alien girl with a pink bow in here hair and she's holding a baby Alien. Ring on top for necklace chain or perhaps a keychain. 2" Tall
1 Alien head with red eyes that are taped on. Needs glue.
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