ALIENS v. PREDATOR v. TERM #2,p8-(Terminator hybrid in action!)SALE!

Selected pages of art from Marvel, DC and Dark Horse like this will be on sale THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

On sale here is an original 11" x 17" published page of art penciled and inked on Dark Horse Comics Bristol Board from Aliens vs. Predator vs. Terminator #2, p.8 --part of the four-issue mini-series combining three of the biggest-selling movie franchises Dark Horse publishes. The splash was penciled by hot artist Mel Rubi ( Red Sonja , Fray, Uncanny X-Men , Witchblade/Aliens/The Darkness ) , and inked by Chris Ivy ( Army of Darkness , G.I. Joe: Cobra Civil War , Transformers-2010 , Spider-Man , Flash , Beast Boy ).

A hybrid Terminator succeeds in his mission of obtaining young Alien specimens for their DNA on this nicely-drawn page by Rubi --unencumbered by lettering (added later by computer digitally)! If you loved the smash movie Aliens vs. Predator , than here's your chance to own as memorabilia an original page of art from one of the comic series that inspired the movie! The art will be signed by the inker, Chris Ivy, and can be personalized if the buyer wishes.

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