You are bidding on a lot of over 200 comic books (218 to be precise, plus a few related bonus items) with a focus on ALIENS (from the Twentieth Century Fox movie franchise), PREDATOR (as introduced in the Schwarzenegger and Danny Glover movies), and the two species versus each other. I am selling off my personal collection in a series of auctions, a collection which consists of nearly 4,000 comics in all (as I said, this lot contains only 218 of them). The VAST MAJORITY of these comics are in NEAR MINT/FINE condition! They are all in plastic sleeves, most of them with cardboard backing for protection, and have been stored this way at room temperature since the time I personally hand-selected them off the shelf. These comics are gently read, to say the least: a true collector's dream. It is unlikely you will find another collection in such superb condition. Listed below is every single comic book that's included in this auction. Even diehard Aliens/Predators fans will most likely see titles below that they've never seen before. Of course the pictures only cover a small sample of the books in this lot, which also includes a smattering of other popular sci-fi TV and movie spin-off titles, such as the Terminator, Alien Nation, Robocop, Planet of the Apes, the Abyss, the Thing (from Another World) and for those who remember the old television ... read more