Align 450L Dominator (3S) with Parts and More!

Currently the 450L Dominator needs a little love. The Torque tube gear needs to be replaced, and there is also a crack in the frame as well, but still I have flown it multiple times no problem. All these parts are included and much more. The Bird needs a bit of love, and would make a great winter project. I have never flown 3D, as that was not really my style or what I was looking for.
Includes 6 brand new, never charged, never flown, 2200mah Batteries
and there is just about every spare part you could ask for.
Currently on the Bird:
Align RCE-BL45X (BECS)
Align 460MX Brushless Motor
Align DS430M Digital Servo (1 New)
Align DS525M Digital Tail Servo (Brand New)
AR7200BX (flown only a handful of times), do not ask me to remove.
Fiberglass Fusuno Fuselage
Hobby Kit:
450L Dominator Frame (Left and Right)
450L Feathering Shaft
Align RCE-BL45X (Brand New Spare)
450 Hardware
450 Main Gear
450L Dominator Fuselage
2 - Brand New DS430M Digital Servo
Torque Tube kit
3 - 450L Tail Booms
500 Size Skids
Align Torque Tube Rear Drive Gear Set BLACK
2 Pairs Replacement Blades
2 - Brand New Align DS430M Digital Servo
6 - 3S (2200) Turnigy Batteries (Brand New)
2 - Dynamite Hex Driver Kits
Pliers, Ball Link Pliers, etc.
HK250 Frame (Side project
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