Align TREX 450SE V2 Helicopter

I am selling this piece because I need money bad!! I have a belt cp and was browsing on ebay for some parts and came across this baby. It was only $435.00 dollars so I jumped the gun and bought it right away. I then realized I made a mistake. I am not that great of a pilot yet and I am afraid to wreck this bird. It will cost me a fortune to replace parts on the TREX. I am going to stick it out breaking my belt cp every now and then because parts are very cheap. I am selling everything you see in the pictures. It comes with the lipo battery and lipo charger, remote, the helicopter of course, the fiber glass canopy, the tool kit, decals, spare parts, glue and oil, blade holder, and the instruction manuals for the transmitter and the helicopter. I am afraid to fly this thing because I know I will wreck it sooner than none and I really have no money for repairs on this thing. I am going to stick to my belt cp for now until I master it. It is ready to fly. It has an Align reciever, Align brushless motor, Align 35A BEC, Telebee Headlock and Standard Dual Rate Gyro, and it has rc-expert servos. The frame is all carbon fiber as well as the fly bar paddles, the tail rotors, and both the horizontal and vertical stabilizers are also carbon fiber. Good luck bidding everyone and thanks for checking the auction out.