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My EX Husbands Sport Card Collection!! Best Random Lots on EBAY!!!

!!Baseball Football and Basketball Lots PLUS BONUSES!! NEW BONUS #3!!! All you have to do is BID AND WIN!! If you win you get a random lot of 50 to 60 fantastic sports cards from my ex's massive and valuable collection!!

My ex-husband happen to cheat on me with another woman in the middle of our marriage and that ended it for us. We had a great relationship going but he had to think with his other head and ruin it. It is sad to see all the men out there throw away their marriages, and what do you know I happen to be with one of them. Well now I'm getting my revenge by selling his sports cards. His cheating behind deserves this and I'm happy to get rid of them in despite of him. One time he even spent $500 on one card alone. That almost made me mad enough to leave him then, too bad i didn't but it eventually happened anyways. My husband seem to collect such players as but not limited to: nolan ryan, ken griffey jr. , derek jeter, alex rodriguez, michael jordan, randy moss, tom brady, payten manning, kobe bryant, lebran james, nomar garcipara, manny rameriez, roger clemens, micky mantle, cal rypkin, shaquile oneil, dwanye wade, adrian peterson, drew brees, albert pulos, walter payton, dan marino, john elway and many more, just

I have no idea about his cards or what's good and what's not good. I didn't pay much attention to his cards, I just let him collect all he wanted. Nor am I into sports that much, more of an outdoors person that doesn't pay much attention to a TV. By the looks of it i can see that he has 30 to 40 huge white boxes of cards. Some saying auto, game used, 1970's, 1960's, football, baseball, Basketball and various other things. He also has 30 or so folders of cards just jam packed with cards. I'll try to include 30 cards of just folder cards in each lot to guarantee you get something good because I believe he kept his better cards in there. My husband said he had hundreds of thousands dollars of value in his cards and I believe him because he collected them for 25 years and spent an unreal amount of money on them. He also made sure to keep his cards in really good shape as well. I see that my husband has a ton of hard cased cards as so you can see in the picture, to be fair to everyone, I'm going to include a couple of those in every lot to ensure you get some value cards. It seems that better value cards would go in them so ill include 2-4 hard cased cards per lot.


The breakdown is this: each lot will include 50-60 cards mixed between football, Baseball, hockey, and basketball cards but mostly baseball and football. Of those 50-60, 30 will be folder cards (he has about 100 folders full of cards) and 2-4 will be hard cased cards (he has thousands of these in boxes and stacked all over) to ensure that you don't walk away with nothing because I know he put his better cards in them I believe. Remember you could get a lot with a ton of good cards or one with a few good cards, it's all random. Since I don't know what is really going into the lots I can't guarantee anything but I can tell that I will include some folder cards and hard cased cards. If you do not like the lot you received I will give you a full refund with no questions to be asked or you can even send me back the lot and I'll give you a different one. If you are unhappy give me a email and we can resolve it.

If you are unsatisfied with the cards please let me know first before you leave negative or neutral feedback so we can resolve the problem in a timely manner. I will work with you because I want to ensure everyone is happy with what they receive.


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Since I want to get rid of these cards faster I'm offering that if someone buys 5 or more lots they get a free 50-60 cards . But ple...
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