Rare All 3 "1701" set, Picard-Tapestry, Barclay-Projections,Yar-Yesterday's Ent.

This is it - your chance to get all three rare figures from the highly publicized "1701" series at one time! These were put out by Playmates in 1995 (Picard, I believe) and 1996 (Yar and Barclay) with a very limited number (1701) of each. As the story goes, fan complaints led to additional Barclay figures - 3000 total. None of my figures are mint, but perhaps near mint, in my opinion?? Yar is maybe in the best condition with very minor card creases that are only visible from the back. From the front, looks perfect! Barclay is in excellent shape with a few small and light scuff marks on the plastic, but the card is near mint with no visible defects. Picard is in great shape and displays very nicely, but the plastic bubble is slightly indented over the figure instead of flat. It still looks wondeful, as the photo shows. I have had these figures since they were released, but now, as a grandfather and retired teacher, I sadly need to sell my collection. Please let me know if you need additional information or more pictures. Thank you!