For sale is a sweet little all bisque. She measures 2” and is jointed at her shoulders and hips. She has a blonde mohair wig decorated with tine ribbons and flowers. Her dress is white with decorative ribbon at the neck, and lace across her hem. She has painted on white socks with a blue band across the top and high heel black shoes. Her one flaw is that she has a chip on the top back of her left leg; I’ve taken a picture of this so you can assess for yourself. Of course, this is covered by her dress; Mom never even realized it was there till she decided to sell her. She’s still a sweet, lovely little girl.

My mother is allowing me to list and sell many of her items to help pay back some graduate school bills. She has a variety of items to sell so you never know what’s going to pop up. I list sporadically as time allows between work and marriage plans, so please put us into favorites if you like what you see. I try to research and list properly and thoroughly, but there is so much information regarding antique dolls and toys it’s impossible to know it all, and I admit to leaving out details like size (sorry!) more often than I’d like. So please feel free to e-mail and questions. Buyer pays shipping; we always insure on our dime. Thanks for taking a look.