All God's Children "Anika III

All God's Children

"Anika III"

Anika had just returned from a two-week visit with Grandpa and Grandma and was feeling a little lonesome. She rocked in the rocker her Grandpa had made for her as she read from the book Grangma had given her. She felt surrounded with love and a big smile settled on her face as she prayerfully read, "God bless all those that I love, God bless all those that love me, God bless all those that love those that I love. And all those that love those that love me."

This Anika comes from my private collection of AGC and has NEVER been out of her original box for display purposes. She comes with her own rocking chair and has a small book of praise from all God's children. She comes from a smoke-free home and is awaiting her new home so that she can read the of her praises to her new family.

Thank you for looking and good luck bidding!