All About Kayaking -How to Paddle Instructional DVD

Explore the world of kayaking! Get confidence and control! From ocean surfing to inland tours, easy whitewater riffles to kayak touring, this delivers an inspiring lesson on the entire spectrum of kayaking. Learn the lingo, so you can maximize your paddling fun. Learn the strokes, so you can keep up more easily. Explore reading the waves in the ocean and currents in the river, to know what trips are appropriate for your ability. Learn how to handle a surprise capsize. Extra sections teach the basics of how to fish from a kayak, and how to organize a successful family day trip by kayak. Samples of other films incuded include a sample on learning to roll a kayak and on whitewater safety. (excerpts from The Kayak Roll and Whitewater Self Defense)

It all adds up to more fun on the water. Learn the basics to have more fun! Perfect for COMPLETE beginners! 45 Minutes

"I thoroughly liked the video. The camera work and information was well presented, so it was very informative. It helped me understand what area of kayaking to persue first."
- Brian Blankenship

Note: all about kayaking was designed to help start paddlers like this!
I'm a new kayaker and keep finding your instructional tapes on-line or at shops and find them excellent in giving specific, understandable, complete, but concise, and usable instruction to
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