ALL NEW KIT AND PATTERN-COMPLETELY REDONE Now Adapted by Carolyn Theesfeld USING PATTERN REPRINT FROM LA SEMAINE DE SUZETTE - 1918 FOR LA FEE DIX DOIGTS ( BECASSINE PINCUSHION) The Becassine Pincushion Pattern from La Semaine de Suzette from 1918 I've listed for several months now has been a great seller, but several people have contacted me for help, because there were no written instructions. That pattern is not going to be sold anymore. I have now made my own Becassine pincushion, and am working on another in the red and green Becassine colors, and then another to show how different head and shoulderplates and even bisque arms could be used. . I took pictures as I went along, and I have written and printed out a whole new set of instructions and illustrations. The whole pattern has been gone over and is now easier to understand. I have even made up a kit of the hardest to find parts to aid you in completing this wonderful pincushion project. You could use any china head on it and even add bisque hands if you wish, but I haven't gotten that far yet so as to have photos to show you, but I will get there. The Becassine pincushion's finished height is 8-1/4". She has been a delight to make, and I can hardly wait to expand the project to show you how other heads with shoulderplates, and bisque hands or arms can be used if you want ... read more