All Porcelain Reproduction 7 1/2 Inch Elsbeth Doll Dressed In Ivory Dress

This is my reproduction of the 7 1/2 inch all porcelain Elsbeth doll. I have been making and selling porcelain dolls for over 20 years and I enjoy what I do. I also design and make all the doll clothes on my dolls and I have sold lots of doll clothes on eBay over the years. My 7 1/2 inch Elsbeth doll has a five piece all porcelain body with the head and torso being in one piece and the arms and legs strung onto the body. I hand painted her face features and light brown hair with pink bows. She also has black painted shoes and pink painted socks. I made her an ivory dropped waist dress with pink trim and a detachable collar. She has matching ivory panties under her dress.She comes complete as pictured including her stand.