Allentown PA Pergola Theater on 9th St. Original Blueprint Page 3 - Mar-Apr 1926


Allentown, PA

Page 3 from the original blueprint set by

Thomas Martin & Kilpatrick R.A., Phila. PA

Geo. E. Eichenlaub, Associate, Erie, PA

This drawing shows the 2nd Floor and Balcony Plan and is dated Mar 23 - 1926 in Erie PA by GEE,

then "Rev Phila, PA Apr -12 - 1926"

The stage with an organ at either side is shown at the far left of the drawing. Many Gas & Plumbing notes are included. One indicates "See organ builder before placing" near "Echo Organ" and another "Provide overflow scuppers in Parapet walls above roof line."

The Pergola was originally at 9th and Hamilton Sts. in Allentown, PA (Lehigh County) near the famed Hess Brothers Department Store, then demolished for construction of the Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. tower Building in 1926-27. These drawings are for the "new" Pergola located on N. Ninth St. near Court St. In later years it became the Embassy (thanks rtmyth) then the Boyd Theater, which was demolished around 1971-72 for construction of additional PP&L office space. These drawings were obtained from the site during this 1970s demolition and have been stored rolled since then. Size is about 14" x 37". There are some wrinkles, creases and minor tears as you would expect for an 86 year old paper item. It shows
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