Allied &/or Axis WW 11 army epaulettes, badges and webbing or belts..

For those of you more into militaria than I, please accept my apologies if my descriptive terminology is not 100% accurate. I found this ecletic mix of items in one of Dad's boxes and thought they be of interest to others. Of the badges at the bottom, three appear to be metal (ceremonial ?? ) and the other two are plastic, I think, (standard use ?? ). The Green Howard & gate are material, and just for my own curiosity can anyone tell me what is the unit &/or reasoning behind the three bar gate & posts ?? The item ( what I presume to be webbing or a belt ) on r/h side is approx. 35" long and that on the l/h, which is elasticated, approx. 32" However neither possess a buckle, though it does appear from the holes in the l/h one that there has been one in the past. As regards the epaulettes, I have no idea whether they are Allied or Axis, though the middle one without coloured trim does have some dark red spots of staining on the reverse !!

UK mainland second class post is included, elsewhere on application.

Thank you for looking.