Allstate Electric Train tracks and Transformers

Up for auction are Allstate Electric Train Tracks , Two Transformers (NO TRAINS). Plus Two Dorfan Lines train frames. I do not know much about model trains so I will try and explain the best I can. What you see in the pictures is what you get so please take a good look you would probably know more about these than I would. There are (9) curved tracks. There are (6) straight tracks. There is a track with the YELLOW cover on it that I'm not sure what it does. (1) transformer cat no. 309 with Black knob 115v 60 cycles off, slow ,fast. (1) Transformer American Flyer with Red knob 35 watt output, 120v A.C only, 30 cyc. Off, 30, 90,120, High. The two train frames I do not believe go with the tracks they are two items that came with this lot so I'm selling them as a group. The Red frame says Burlington The Dorfan Lines Observation 773. There is paint wear, no roof and no wheels. The bottom has a sticker that says Another Dorfan product The Dorfan co Newark NJ Made in U.S.A. The Yellow one has some metal that is bent on the bottom and has the same sticker on the bottom as the Red one does. If you have any questions just ask. Thank you.