Rare Ally Para helmet special forces pathfinder and paras airsoft renactor

Extremely Rare British Army Para helmet in perfect condition
Only issued to members of the British army that have passed P Coy and are part of an Airborne Task force which is currently only 16 Air assault Brigade.
The only helmet that is cleared for airborne parachute operations.
Kevlar construction but nearly half the weight of the MK6 and MK7 helmet issued to other forces. This makes it ideal for renactors and airsofters as the other helmets are very heavy.
Full padding inside (to protect the users head from getting injured on a jump) so they are extremely comfortable to wear. This one is officially a size large but due to the fit of the helmet it easily fits all but the smallest of heads very comfortably.
The helmet is shaped so that you can still fire your weapon comfortably from lying down.
Chin strap is very comfortable and fully adjustable. It has been taped up here but the tape is easily removable. Much easier to get on and off than the standard helmet.
This helmet has been scrimed to the current Air Borne Task force (ABTF) standard and is complete with MTP (official british version of multicam) helmet cover and Scrim. It has been secured with sniper tape around the rim (the old fashion of rubber NBC boots is pretty much dead now as it is not as secure as tape and stands out to much
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