Alpha Kappa Alpha Bling AKA 1908 car tag License Plate

Phat Tags Custom License Plates
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
You are bidding on a customized vanity automobile license tag plate for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. This tag features a high impact resistant, pink mirrored acrylic plate. Proudly feature your reverence for your sorority. T his Plate is unique because the letters are lined with a special glitter vinyl that makes them bling in the light.

We can also customize a plate to include your line name, chapter name or any other phrases or symbols of meaning to you. Just inquire by email.

Please read this information about Vinyl Tags:

VINYL GRAFFIX TAGS- Our custom vinyl plates are hot. They give us an endless creativity to produce all kinds of stylish tags in a multitude of popular colors that will accent your vehicle. These vinyl graphics are produced in-house by Phat Tags. The vinyl material that we use is technologically among best materials offered to produce tags. This material is NOT to be confused with a Sticker. Vinyl is the material you see on the sides of Fire trucks, Police cars, and Ambulances, as well as business windows, race cars, outdoor banners and backlit signs. When vinyl is used on mirrored tags, it often reflects,creating a 3-D effect. The image appears raised. Our customers are continuously satisfied with our vinyl
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