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Over 500 alphabet photos for your use on CD
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The newest fashion in decorating is using photo letters that are found
in nature and in architecture to spell out a word or a name and then frame it.
No need to spend a lot of money on custom framed art that you can do yourself! Here's how :
Purchase ANY frame. This one was purchased at a local superstore. It was only $15.99. You can purchase more ornate and decorative frames than this one.
Make sure the frame you pick will hold your 4x6 or 3x5 photos (or whatever size you choose). For instance, I am in need of a frame to hold seven 4x6 letters to spell F R I E N D S (for a someone that wants to put this on her wall with pictures of her friends around it). I made sure that this frame is long enough.
Then purchase either a piece of poster board or have a matte cut to fit the size of the frame.
Take everything out of the frame, leaving only the frame, glass and backing (this photo does not show the back).
Cut the poster board to the size needed to fill the frame. Or, have a matte cut for you at a craft store.
I print several photos
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