This auction is for an Alpine of the Month Angel, April. She measures about 4 1/2" tall. She is holding a rabbit in her arms, and at her feet is a chick in what looks like a bed. She looks like she was made to look like a Hummel. The bottom is marked - Alpine Angel of the Month - F-338. And t is the remants of a sticker, but can't read enough to see who made her. She is in good condition, just a little dirty, but no chips or cracks.

Please note that items I have for auction were bought at Estate, rummage, or yard sells, and I do not know the enviroment they were in before I bought them. So if you are offended by tobacco smoke, pets, dirt, dust, ect. be aware that these items may have been in an enviroment w these things were present. Please ask questions if you have any before you bid.

Thanks for looking.