ALPSCO American Indian Tobacco Old West Chess Set


This auction is for an unusual

Cigar Store Indian chess set, made by ALPSCO (Adult Leisure Products Corp., a defunct toymaker from Locust Valley, Long Island NY) A full set of 32 chess pieces - a complete set. It has an Indian theme, with a tobacco motif, made of a hard resin material. They are in golden tobacco colors -- a Light Orange and a light brown colors. Two of the pawns have minor damage (chips), as shown in one of the pictures.

This is a complete set. The "King" (Chief) is about 5 1/4 inches tall. Each is inscribed on the base. The board shown in the pictures is NOT included.

The pieces are:

Two Indian Chiefs holding cigars, and inscribed âeoeCigarsâe, âeoeBigâe and âeoeChiefâe

Two female Indians (the Queens ?) inscribed âeoeSquawâe, âeoeStrawâe and âeoeChawâe

Four buffalo heads, marked âeoe Buffalo âe, âeoePlugâe and âeoeCutâe

Four totems, inscribed âeoeTotemâe and âeoeSnuffâe

Four decorated teepees, inscribed âeoeWigwamâe, âeoeChewingâe and âeoeTobaccoâe

Sixteen papooses (pawns) simply inscribed âeoe2 for 5¢âe (t is a minor chip on the corner of one of these pieces.)

is a wonderful addition to your chess collection, or your American Indian or Tobacciana collection. This would make
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