Altair TMS Light Weight Guide Scope Rings 120mm-GSR-LW

Store Categories Visit our shop Specials & Auction Items Accessories Dew Control Eyepieces & Barlows Mount Accessories Mounting Hardware Mounts & Upgrades PC Cables Power Cables Telescopes Other For any technical information please email: Altair TMS Light Weight Guide Scope Rings 120mm Direct bar mounting: The Altair Guide Scope Rings are unique (at least at the time we write this) because they can be mounted on the top or bottom of Altair Losmandy or Vixen bars via two M6 bolts on each ring to stop them twisting like other makes with single bolts. All Altair TMS Losmandy plates or Vixen bars have this two-hole pattern and you can adjust the separation of the rings by choosing different holes along the length of the plate. ( GSR rings can also be mounted on Altair TMS Small Vixen Clamps or Losmandy Saddle Plates to slide back and forth to achieve the best balance. This is perfect for Altair Astro RCs and Meade and Celestron SCT telescopes with an inverted rail on top. ( GSR rings have flattened edges for good contact with the bar or plate they're fastened to and are far more rigid than any other guidescope rings we have seen to date. The GSR benefits from easy-grip hard anodised knobs, custom-machined for a positive grip (we tested several iterations). The Altair TMS uses durable all stainless steel M6 threads. Each thread ... read more