ALTEC 3870 speaker w/ Altec 416-8A woofers, set of two

Altec 416-8A Speakers
8 Ohm Impedance
(Altec 3870 Matched Set)
This listing is for the two 15" 416-8A speakers with the tweeters and crossovers. If you are willing to pay the freight for the two complete speaker and enclosure assemblies (approx 65# each) I'll gladly ship those for just the additional cost to me. And local pickup would be even better. The speakers and interior of the enclosures look pristine, but the cabinet exteriors are rough due to their competing for space in the attic. No tears in the grill cloth.
These were rediscovered in our church attic during a cleanout a few days ago. ( I'd love to be able to claim they were "only driven on Sunday" .) No one can recall why they were retired, but they are definitely surplus now. I am not an audiophile, but these sounded better than my Sony speakers on my modest Harmon Kardon receiver. Resistance measurement showed 6.9 ohms & 6.7 ohms for the woofers and 6.3 ohms and 6.2 ohms for the tweeters. There is no visual sign of damage to either woofer and the voice coils do not rub when the cones are depressed and released. Pencil markings for wire connections on the speaker mounting board suggests that someone has been inside the enclosures before.
The enclosures have serial numbers 00748 and 00734. One woofer is numbered S/N 1283 and the other is S/N
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