Altec Voice of Theater Plywood Cabinets 416-8B 808-8A

Nice pair of newly painted plywood Altec Voice of the Theater cabinets loaded with all the best drivers! Some of the best Altec plywood cabinets produced with just the top portion of the back removable for easy woofer service. The woofers are both 416-8B's. Serial # 06517 and 29298. DC resistance is 6.9 and 7.1 ohm. The 808-8A HF drivers have newer diaphragms {Great Plains Audio Altec factory type] and measure 6.4 and 6.8 ohms DC. The serial # are 11943 and 28866. Very nice indeed! The crossovers are serial # 8015 and 9315. They are of course the N501-8A's. The horns are 511B's and both have original paint with a few scratches here and there. The black lower grill was added by the last owner who had them since the 1970's! Just in time for the Holidays and a big New Year's Eve party!! I ship via DB Schenker freight both domestic and worldwide. Of course local pickup is highly recommended! I can also deliver to reasonable driving distance. Checks and cash welcome. Altec Model 19's just arrived ! I also have other Altec 511's and 808-8A's, 2 pair of 500hz crossovers, and 416-8A woofer pair for sale. Also one Altec 816A bass enclosure with a reconed 416-8C !!