Altra Energy Tibetan Old Cinnabar Inclusions 3 Eye Dzi

Altra Energy Tibetan Old Cinnabar Inclusions 3 Eye Dzi


This splendid item is an Altra Energy Tibetan Old Cinnabar Inclusions 3 Eye Dzi. It was collected from Tibet, the most secret place in china.You can see the weathering marks and cinnabar inclusions grow on the bead, which shows its ancient history. The motif on the dzi are 3 eye and lotus seat, it represent the three gods in charge of Luch, Wealth and Longevity in Tibetan saying.

This powerful dzi has unusual strong energy, hope you can make good use of its power! It can guard you against misfortune with its strong power and energy, and it can bring blessings to you, improve your body blood circulation, reduce heart diseases and illness.



Length 3.88cm (1.55"), Diameter:1.36cm(0.54")



Estimated age:

750 years old.


This kind of unique bead called Dzi Bead ,translated from Tibetan dialect, Dzi, pronouce as "Gzi", "Zi" or "Zee", is the Tibetan word to describe this unusual unique bead. Ancient Tibetan Dzi Bead, can be concluded that it's their living gemstone since many thousands year ago. They were believed to have originated around 2000 B.C., an era in Tibet that used to practice the religion where shamanism and sorcery were present.

Ancient Dzi was believed to be able to guard against misfortune & bring blessing, health & bliss to the wearer. According to Japanese scientific researchers, ancient Dzi contain 14 elements from Mars & possess a strong magnetic field.The magnetic energy emitted by dZi bead is very gentle and it is suitable to be placed on human's body.Each bead can be considered unique in its appearance and energe. Some beads were buried in the ground for more than hundred or thousand years. Apparently this helped recharge the bead and cleanse it of toxins. From the Moh's hardness index, hardness of dZi is 7 to 8.5 and diamond is 10; therefore, hardness index of dZi just slightly lower than diamond. Dzi bead's magnetic wave is 13 volts whereas quartz crystal is 4 volts, it is triple times than quartz crystal.

Authenticity Guaranty

Authenticated by trained eye with 10X magnification loupe for weathering & age analysis. Mineralogist tested for confirmation of the dzi bead's superior agate quality over ordinary chalcedony in its creation.

We have dealed on dzi beads for 25 years,we collect Dzi bead from deep Tibet.and we have some masters,they are high rank monks,Living buddha("huo fo" in CHINESE).They are the best experts on dzi bead.some of our dzi bead have been hold a ritual by famous Eminent Tibetan monk.

We can provide certificate offered by SGID(Shanghai Gem-Jewelrys Identify and Appraise Department).If you need it,please add a certificate fee US$10.00.Here is a sample of the certificate.

Bewared of Fake dzi beads

Recently,some Singapore and Hongkong sellers are selling fake inferior beads,They said they are selling authentic "superior" dzi collected from Tibet,but they have never been to Tibet yet,and they know little about secret Tibet and Tibetan dzi,how can they collect dzi beads from Tibet?Most of the dzi beads these sellers sell are bought from mainland China,and you can find their description are ridiculous if you have enough knowledge about dzi bead,about Tibetan,about Tibetan culture,Tibetan mystical Buddism and Chinese Buddism history.These sellers know little about Tibet and China,How can they say which is fake which is authentic?

For example,there is an item which list by a Singapore seller,the GODDESS OF MERCY (Guan yin)on the bead is the figure of Guan yin in Chinese Buddism,not in Tibetan buddism.

You can see the different between the two figures.

Guan yin in Chinese Buddism

Guan yin in Tibetan buddism

There is anohter item which listed by a Hongkong seller,figure YIN YANG on it is the figure in Chinese Taoism,even not can a Taoism figure appear on a Tibetan old dzi bead?

Another ridiculous mistakes they often made,there ...

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