ALYMER BRITISH Household CAVALRY Guards Egypt 4351

4351 THREE (3) Mounted British Colonial Cavalry perfect for Tel El Kebir or any number of Colonial campaigns. We believe these depict the Household Cavalry or Guards at Tel El Kebir; the last campaign in which they wore their scarlet uniforms on active duty. These are made by ALYMER a wonderful Spanish company(probably very early 80's in Spain)--including an officer, a bugler and a trooper with sabre-- as they appeared fighting in Egypt or Dervishes IN THE SUDAN They are beautifully hand painted 1/32 scale figures When they were in their heyday these Alymey folks beat the biggest of the metal manufactueres hands down in terms of sculpting & quality. The helmets on one seem to have either paint flaking or chips which can be touched up easily and the items which stick out like rifles, lances, swords either have or will have some paint flaking. We think these are early 1980's vintage. Great stuff. Housekeeping Items & General Comments: --YES we try to ship worldwide.International customers are responsible for any & all customs duties/taxes/tariffs....please do not leave us negative feedback when or because YOUR country taxes you!! We have nothing to do with this..... -- We normally ship within 3-5 days of receipt of payment but it can take up to 10 business days. If your order is being shipped parcel post , the post office ... read more