AM Mauler Shipboard Attack Martin AM-1 WWII Model Plane

AM Mauler Shipboard Attack Martin AM-1 WWII Model Plane Hand-carved and Hand-Painted Mahogany Model In Stock and Ready to Ship! Don't wait 3-4 weeks for inferior models! We stock and ship all our models from our Arizona Warehouse, not from Asia! Most orders ship the same day!

Martin AM-1 Mauler Wood Desktop Model Plane:

The Mauler aircraft first picked up the nickname Able Mabel and then, as landing safety issues surfaced, the nickname Awful Monster. Over 150 Maulers were built and stayed in active service until 1950 and reserve service until 1953.

During World War II, Martin AM Mauler was designed but it did not enter production until well after the war after a number of problems. It was a shipboard attack aircraft of the United States Navy. One hundred fifty-one (151) aircrafts were built, but they did not last long in Navy service; the smaller and simpler Douglas AD Skyraider proved to be a superior aircraft. In 1950, Active-duty squadrons abandoned the Mauler, and it lasted through 1953 in reserve units. The Martin AM-1 Mauler was designed as a heavy attack plane in the same class as the Douglas AD Skyraider. Although the AD-1 Skyraider was smaller and could not carry as much of a bombload, it proved much more reliable in service and easier to fly and land, and Navy pilots preferred it. In 1950, the decision
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