AMAZE ME s/t CD JAPAN 1st Press / Laz Basswood

AMAZE ME s/t CD JAPAN 1st Press w/ Japan Original Cover Artwork , Japan Original Booklet , Lyrics - Out Of Print ALCB-3076 ( Japanese Official Release )
1.Gods Gift to Woman
2.Fair Warning
3.Love Is Like a Fire
4.You're My Lover My Friend
5.You Can't Hide
6.Touch Ain't Enough
7.I Dream Longdistance
8.It Seems So Hollywood
10.Tell My Why
All of lyrics are available in the booklet.
Vo. Laz Basswood (ex State Of Mind, ex Lars Eric Mattsson Band, ex Vision, ex Unit-X, ex Tryckvag, ex Odessa, ex Masi, ex Great King Rat, ex Talk Of The Town, ex Raceway)
G,B,Dr,Key,Backing Vo. Peter Broman (ex Unit-X, ex Mogitas, ex B-M Kalins, ex Nameless, ex Electric Boys, ex Great King Rat, ex Stella)
Cover / Disc / Obi / Booklet
Excellent / Excellent / Excellent / Excellent
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