Amazing 1894 Pawnee Bill Signed Letter w/map Envelope

This auction is for an amazing group of Pawnee Bill (Gordon W. Lillie) items including an actual signed letter from Pawnee Bill (signed G W Lillie)

These items are:

1. A map that when unfolded measures 16-1/2" X 3-3/4". It is called Pawnee Bill Route - U.S. Highway 64. It is light green

in color. It may have been included with the bottom two items, which would date it to around 1894. It is in excellent condition.

2. An envelope addressed to Mr. Joseph Walling 907 South Paca Street Baltimore, Maryland That says Pawnee Bills Oltown And Indian Trading Post

Pawnee, Oklahoma. The envelope is worn, but has very nice eye appeal. It is postmarked April 1, 1895

3. Last but not least is an amazing letter that was written on Panee Bill Stationary to Mr. Walling that is dated July 17, 1894 and is signed by Pawnee Bill-

G W Lillie. I can not tell what writing instrument was used, but it appears to be a light black ink. I got this from a long time collector of antique

Baltimore, Md. items. It is possible that the letter and envelope were sent at different times due to the different dates and that the original owner

had written to Pawnee Bill on more than one occasion. The letterhead says LA Direction De L'Exploitation "Pawnee Bill" Exposition Universelle D'Anvers
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