Listing for your consideration is a 110 year old Crazy Quilt with some of the most amazing stitches that I have ever come across, I put in a lot of pictures. This quilt measures 76" X 84", it is a thick, heavy quilt weighing over 8 lbs. I will describe it the best I can but t is a lot going on with this Crazy Quilt. T are many varieties of styles, shapes and textures of fabric, I tried to count the many different stitching patterns but I lost it after 40, t are many many more. Also in the center are 2 diamonds of fabric with a bird surrounded by flowers in each, the name Lizzie and the date 1898 is also stitched in this quilt, in one corner t is a flower pot, not far from that is another bird with red wings, t are also 10 other different flowers stitched into the fabric. In another corner is the word LOVE in a scroll, on one piece of fabric t looks like a signed name but I cannot make out what it says. This quilt does have some damage to certain pieces of fabric mostly thinning, some have little wee holes and some need to replaced, they are all repairable, t are no holes all the way through. The opposite side is black and white with black flowers and t are pink knotting throughout, on this side t is only one small worn spot 1 inch long on the edge. This crazy quilt has very little damage for its age so bid with confidence and Thank ... read more