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"Very Sweet Baby!"
SHAE RENEE was reborn from Aleina Peterson's darling Shyann sculpt November 10, 2011 at 12:11 am. She weighs approximately 4 lbs and 0 ounces and is 19 inches long. Her pictures were taken in ALL natural light. There were some clouds. ** IF you have LESS than 10 Ebay feedback you MUST email me first. Thank you and hope you enjoy my babies!

She is pure sweetness! She has 3/4 vinyl mix arms and legs. Her vinyl is wonderfully SOFT! ! She is wonderful. I wanted the best for her! Her body is a Flesh Tone Jointed Doe Suede Cloth! I filled her with new encased poly-pellets and fiber-fil. Just huggable ! SHE HAS NO SAND ANYWHERE!

Her Coloring is pure magic! I have given her a tender sweet dimensional pure baby quality using GENESIS Heat set. They will not fade or rub off. The skin tones took several days to achieve the desired baby appearance. I literally sculpt my babies with color! Each of her creases were hand colored adding more dimension. I created a soft sweet color for her lips that is just hers! The lips are done very translucent and natural! I shaded her lip creases then sealed her lips with a matte finish. Her nose has been gently shaded inside then given a bare wet look inside...only! This gives the appearance of a breather.

Her Nails... were given a natural

Her hair is wonderfully ULTRA micro-rooted! 1-2 hairs at a time! I used the 100% angora mohair in a SOFT MEDIUM BROWN with GOLDEN HIGHLIGHTS to achieve the real soft look . I left it soft & longer to enjoy styling. It can be brushed straight or curled when dampened. Her hair can be styled with gels or conditioners too! Her head is weighted! She will need her head supported like a real baby! I gave her BEAUTIFUL BLUE eyes WITH HAZEL CENTERS. They are so sweet! I then gave her sweet baby lashes top & bottom and also gave her eyes a natural wet look. Her brows were meticulously hand painted stroke by stroke. She is adorable!

Reborning is a hand art of love! Each artist or crafter has their own interpretation of what they see. In an art class all students do not draw the still life exactly like the other class mates. This is what makes this a unique and personal art. As with any hand craft...the crafter works to improve their techniques. My babies today are not anything like the babies I produced years ago. I am always looking for improved techniques in this craft. Some of the things that I do...I feel are tried and tested and will stand the test of time and I will not change them. I use only quality materials and the utmost love and care in my creations.
Sorry the animals, dolly, Santa hat and blankies are props only...and are NOT included!
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Hi Donna, You will be pleased to know that my beautiful little girl Miranda has arrived home safely. Many artists create amazing reborn dolls that look - like dolls. There are a few artists like you that have greater talent and are capable of bringing a reborn sculpt to life. I am sure you will be pleased to know that I am in awe at how realistic Miranda is. The way you have brought her to life with the skin color and the micro rooted hair now that is amazing. Have to admit – I am really impressed with your work. As others that have bought from you would know, you are a truly talented lady. Also, thank you for ...
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