This is one of the nicest lots of vintage jewelry that I have found at an estate sale.

T are 9 watches that are in excellent condition, but I did not buy new batteries for them to see if run. One keeps time perfectly. The watches are: Geneva VIP with rhinestone around face (this is the one that I know keeps perfect time) Xanadu Quartz with mother of pearl on bracelet, Seiko, Cheval Quartz (western style) Seiko Quartz, Sache Quartz, Pierre Cardin Quartz, Lorus, Novelle Quartz. They all look great.

16 pair clip on earrings - Faux pearl, rhinestone, and one beautiful pair cameo with rhinestones dangle, gold tone, silver tone, black (one earring has one tiny rhinestone missing and the white flower like one have some stones missing, The remainder are great.

2 pins - one with an eagle and one with a lion and looks like enamel (this one can be a pin or brooch.

3 gold chains, 1 with heart is 14K and has a gold 10 1/2 hanging from clasp, the other two with butterfly and basket are unmarked but in great shape.

3 necklaces- One long gold tone one with sliding clasp. One that looks like it is aluminum and the last is on a cord like chain silver tone deco in middle. This is a great lot of vintage jewelry and ladies watches.

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