Amazing Ring from a real Silver Coin Walking Liberty Size 9-12 half sizes also

Genuine History you can wear

Double Sided

Coin Ring

Choose size 9-12

After payment, please send me a message with the size requested

(half sizes included)

In my opinion the Walking Liberty half dollar is one of the nicest coins that a ring can be made from. Like most U.S. silver coins the Walking Liberty is 90% silver.

Pictures are "stock" photos and the amazing coin ring you receive will be every bit as nice as the one in the pictures. Years will vary....If you require a specific year please contact me before purchasing for a special order.

I put much time and effort into each and every handcrafted ring I make and stand behind my rings with a guarantee of satisfaction . I spend extra money buying silver coins with nice details to ensure a high quality finished product. Small differences in each coin caused by the coins traveling the world are what makes these rings unique. Just imagine the stories this coin ring could tell !

My rings all come with my signature comfortable rounded edges . this is a ring that can (and should) be worn every day.


I promise you will not find a higher quality coin ring, and encourage you to shop around before buying from me.

These coin rings make excellent gifts for the
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