Up for auction is a stunning drop dead Mint original copy of Amazing Spider-Man # 129 from February 1974, Featuring the first appearance of The Punisher ! This is an incredibly sharp copy that retains all of it's original cover gloss and colors, which I rate as Mint 9.4 ! No color break creases, no dents , no dings, no rounded corners! Super glossy, white white pages, clean and tight as the day it came off the presses. The only defects of any kind I can detect is a barely noticeable 1/24th smudge on the very right edge, a super slight 1/32 spot of very light wear on the very edge right below that, and 2 minor non-color break stress marks at the edge of the spine, which can really only be noticed when turned up into the light. this books has no other defects what- so- ever ! it's a drop dead gorgeous mint 9.3 or better if t ever was one. Hold this book up to the light, at any angle and all you'll see are straight flat colors ! Corners perfect, edges perfect, spine perfect, staples perfect, gloss perfect, pages perfect, back cover, inside cover perfect, in an excellent state or preservation, having always been stored in heavy weight Mylar and Archival acid fee board. Go back in time to 1973 and pick through a hundred copies for the best you can find, and this one is still probably better ! The first picture is a scan, the rest are

The last copy of this book I had up for auction a couple of weeks back, sold for $885.00. The buyer had this to say in his feedback on the purchase.." One word - awesome! Beautiful book, lightning fast shipping, highly recommend!". This book is virtually as nice.

Absolutely no restoration of any kind, absolutely guaranteed ! the ultimate 70's Marvel key (excepting Hulk 181) featuring the first appearance of a major Marvel character, that even the most anal would be proud to own.

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