the amazing spider-man 130 to 700 lot run collection

this is a collection of the comic book series the Amazing Spider-man issues 130 to 700 (old picture) useing A,B,C,D,F gradeing, "A" being perfect mint, B being almost/near mint, C being flawed but complete/intact, D being major rips/tears, to "F" being really poor noticed pages falling out and covers not attached or missing. the grades of 130 to 700 range from A- to C (all random)... No grade of 130 to 700 or any of the other issues will be below a C- Also please understand that even though i try my best to make sure every issue has every page in it and that no adds have been cut out, i can really only ever be 99% sure about every issue when it comes to this many issues. Plus you'll also get at least 40 extra cross over tie-in issues like Spider-mans wedding, Maxium carnage 2, spider-man vs wolverine, and Peter Parker Spider-man 1, ***these 40 extra bonus issues are to compensate for any issues that may have a add or coupon cut out of it*** please be sure that you really want them if you bid, i will not except any returns, and shipping may take around 2 weeks, and i'm really not looking for any kind of best offers plus just incase you wanted other issues i can still sell spider-man 100 to 700 for $5,000 .... key issues like 100, 101, 102, 121, 122, 129, 130, 137 would be in B- to C+ grades, again though no grade would be any lower ... read more