The Amazing Spider-Man (1963-2012) Lot Of 10 Comics # 53 63 65 68 69 71 74 More

This is a lot of 10 comics. The Amazing Spider-man (1963-2012). Please realize I am not a professional comics grader. I make my best guesses at grades and try to take good photos as well as address major issues. If you have ANY questions about grades I will be very happy to answer questions and/or take more photos. Included are the following:
#53, 63, 84, 103 (2 copies) these are the ugly ones in the bunch and range from poor to good. Basically you're bidding on the other ones and getting these free.
#65 VG cover has wrinkle and fold marks, spine has been taped albeit in a not unattractive way
#68 F rolled spine
#69 F small piece of cover missing bottom right
#71 F/VF small bottom right cover piece missing
#74 F/VF would be solid VF except for round drop-sized blemish bottom left
This group should easily retail for $150 or more. Need money, starting the bid super low at $75.

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