Up for auction is a drop dead gorgeous original un-restored copy of Amazing Spider-Man # 30 from November 1965, featuring the appearance of the Cat. This is a really beautiful book that retains all of it's original Triple Mint cover gloss and sharp colors, which I rate as a Mint 9.2 copy. Very tough book to get in high grades due to the dark black cover. This one's clean, with a flat tight spine, no Marvel chipping, pages are white and supple, all complete, intact, with no browning. Defects include very minor edge wear at the very top edge, two tiny, tiny chips at the very bottom edge, and some blunting on the left bottom corner. The spine is tight, and the staples are secure with no rust, and the back cover is also clean and glossy. All the pages are supple, white, all intact, with no brittleness or browning. Overall this is a razor sharp, tight, flat copy that shows all of it's cover gloss and bright non-faded colors. Most importantly, it is in an excellent state of preservation, having always been stored in Mylar and Archival board in a professional collection. Comes in a heavy weight Mylar sleeve and Full Back Archival board. I do not detect any restoration to this book what-so-ever. This is a copy of an early Marvel Spider-Man key, that any but the most anal would be proud to own. I don't think you will ever find a copy of

I have represented this book to the best of my ability. Please keep in mind that grading is subjective, and t is no grading God. Ten different people can have different opinions on the grade of the same book. Please use the pics. and use your own judgement-The first image is a scan, and the rest are digital pictures taken from different angles, positions and lighting. If you are a collector who desires a guarantee of absolute perfection, please seek out a graded/slabbed copy. If you are a collector seeking a really beautiful copy of this key issue at an affordable price that you can actually: Open, inspect, read and enjoy, then this copy is for you.

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