Amazing Spider-Man Comic Book #'s 116 117 118 (1963 1st Series) NO RESERVE


#116 Cover art by John Romita. Suddenly...The Smasher!, script by Stan Lee and Gerry Conway, pencils by John Romita, inks by Jim Mooney and Tony Mortellaro; Spidey tackles the Smasher, a ten foot goon who is busting up a billboard for political candidate Richard Raleigh; Finding that his friends are in Raleigh's camp, Pete attends a political rally but, during Raleigh's speech, the roof start to fall in on the crowd. Suddenly, the Smasher! reprints approximately the first twenty pages of "Lo, This Monster" from the Spectacular Spider-Man #1 magazine, though many pages have been redrawn or touched up by John Romita Sr., and the Man Monster has been renamed Smasher. The new dialogue is by Gerry Conway. Because the 1968 magazine is black-and-white, this marks the story's first appearance in color. New cover by Romita. Reprinted in Marvel Tales # 95. 36 pgs. $0.20. Cover price $0.20.

#117 "The Deadly Designs of the Disruptor" continues reprinting pages from "Lo, This Monster" in Spectacular Spider-Man #1 (1968)--see comments on Amazing Spider-Man 116 for details. However, there is quite a bit of new material here by scripter Gerry Conway, penciller John Romita Sr., and inkers Romita, Jim Mooney, and Tony Mortellaro. New cover by Romita. Reprinted in Marvel
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