Amazing Spider-Man by Stan Lee;Lot of 16 Cowles Syndicate Proof Sheet Sep-Oct 85

The Amazing Spider-Man by Stan Lee; Lot of 16 Cowles Syndicate Proof Sheet Sep - Oct 1985 (48 strips); collectable condition, no tears or stains not visible in the scans. Some scans appear some what yellowed, but actual tearsheet is white. IMPORTANT! READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BELOW CAREFULLY BEFORE BIDDING , I WILL PACK CAREFULLY AND SHIP WITHIN 24 HOURS OF RECEIVING PAYMENT. Note that these scans are often made with a hand held wand scanner and some distortion may occur.

These tear sheets have been stored folded (as delivered to the Comic Strip Editor from the Syndicate, and may be shipped thus folded) for 10 to twenty years and all have a crease, usually not affecting the comic strip artwork (see detail photos). Some may display minor bending or yellowing but are otherwise in great shape and have very few if any tears, rips or pronounced defects evident.

Tear Sheets are the archaic method Syndicates used to distributed comic strips and other features to member newspapers around the world before the advent of the electronic digital methods used today. Tear sheets generally measure about 11 x 17 inches and contain six daily strips featuring a single feature but they do come in many other different sizes. They are usually well printed on superior quality paper compared to the newsprint they were reprinted on.

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